The Boxer Club Inc. 

Club Rules


The club shall be called ‘The Boxer Club (Incorporated)’
- To hold meetings of persons interested in Boxer Dogs.
- To encourage their responsible breeding and exhibition.
- To hold lectures and to do all things to improve the general standards of Boxers.
- To observe the New Zealand Kennel Club’s standard for Boxers.
- To hold Ribbon Parades and other functions decided by the Committee
- To affiliate to the New Zealand Kennel Club (Inc.).
- To Invest, Lend or Borrow Money.
Management of the Club
The Management of the Club shall be vested in the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Committee of Six Members one of whom shall be elected as the Trophy Steward at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office subject to these rules until the next Annual General Meeting. The President of the Club shall be Chairman at all meetings connected with the Clubs affairs and in his/her absence the Vice President.Any Members of the Committee shall ipso facto vacate office if:

He/She is absent from Three consecutive Meetings of the Committee without leave of absence of the Committee.
By notice in writing to the Committee he/she resigns his office.
Interim vacancies in the Management shall be filled by the Committee.
Honorary Officers consisting of two Patrons and such number of Vice Patrons as shall be decided upon time to time, are to be appointed at the Annual General Meeting each year.
Any Breeder or Owner of a Boxer or person favourable to the Objects and Rules of the Club shall be eligible for membership. Every Member of the Club shall communicate to the Secretary any change in their address and all notices posted to the last notified address shall be valid and deemed to have been given on the day following the date of posting. Members joining the Club automatically accept all Rules and By-Laws of the Club.
Election of Members
Ordinary Members
New Members shall be proposed and seconded and elected by a simple majority vote of all members present at any ordinary Committee Meeting, provided all requests for membership be received no later than the closing date of entries for any show, at which the new member desires to exhibit. All requests for membership shall be dealt with by the Committee and the new Members advised in writing of their election.

Life Members
The Annual General Meeting may by resolution elect Life Members to the Club provided that the Committee has received at least 30 days prior notice of the intention to move such a motion and that the Committee has passed a resolution approving same. Life Members shall be exempt from all subscriptions and shall, subject to these rules, be entitled to all the rights and privileges of an ordinary Member.

Junior Members
Children under the age of 16 years who are children of financial members may be submitted as Junior Members. Junior Members shall enjoy all Club privileges but shall not be eligible for election to the Management of the Club and shall have no voting rights.

Overseas Members
The Committee shall have the Power to elect on the recommendation of a Member, seconded by another Member as Overseas Members, such persons who reside outside New Zealand who are desirous of becoming Members and who shall have signed the appropriate application form for Membership. Overseas Members shall be liable for a subscription.
Election of Officers and Committee
Only Members who have been Financial during the Previous Financial year and Life Members shall be eligible for Election as Officers or Committee Members.
Nominations for Officers and Committee Members to be elected at the Annual General Meeting may be lodged in writing with the Secretary at any time up to the commencement of the Meeting. Nominations shall also be called for among those present at the Annual General Meeting. Each candidate must be duly proposed and seconded by financial members of the club and the candidate need not necessarily be present at the meeting provided the candidate has signified in writing his consent to nomination.
No person shall hold more than one position of the Management of the Club. A candidate may be nominated to fill more than one Office and he/she shall be declared elected to the highest office in which he/she was successful.
Where the number of candidates, who have been duly proposed, seconded and who have signified consent to nomination, exceeds the number to be elected a secret ballot shall be held among those present at the Annual General Meeting.
Financial Year 
The financial Year shall commence in 1st of June and end on 31st of May of each Year.
The Annual subscription shall fall due on 1st June each Year. The Yearly subscription shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting of Members and shall remain unless amended at a Special General Meeting of Members; the notice shall specify the intention to amend such subscription rate. When a partnership exists in connection with the ownership of a dog, each partner must become a member of the club.
New Members shall pay a full year subscription for the financial year in which they join plus the cost of a Rule Book. 
Club Priviliges
Only Financial Members shall be eligible to compete for the Club Cups and Trophies and only such Members are entitled to Club Privileges.
Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of Members of the Club shall be held during the Month of July.
General Meeting
General Meetings may be held from time to time for the purpose of presenting Cups and Trophies and such other business as may arise, on requisition in writing to the Secretary signed by Six Members, 14 days notice in writing being given to all members, setting out the business of the meeting.
Special General Meetings
A Special General Meeting of the Members of the Club shall be called on requisition in writing to the Secretary signed by Six Members. Fourteen days notice in writing shall be forwarded by post by the Secretary to all Members, specifying the business of the Meeting, to which such discussions shall be confirmed.
The Quorum at an Annual General Meeting shall be Ten Members. The quorum of a Special General Meeting shall be Ten Members. If within half an hour of the time appointed for any Special General Meeting a quorum is not present, it shall be dissolved. The quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be Five Members present, of which Two shall be Officers of the Club.
Voting at General Meeting and Postal Votes
Only Life Members and Financial Members shall be entitled to vote on all matters arising at General Meetings.
Voting on all elections shall be secret ballot.
Voting at General Meetings on all matters other than elections, shall be by voices, or show of hands, or if the Chairman or Two Members present shall require, by secret ballot.
On any question, {if the chairman or Four present shall desire} the holding of a secret ballot shall be deferred to enable all members to register votes by post.
Where a secret ballot is to be held, a returning Officer and one scrutineer shall be appointed at the meeting, prior to the taking of votes.
When a postal vote has been approved, the meeting may be adjourned until the ballot has been taken. In such a case the adjourned meeting must be resumed within One Month of the adjournment. Voting papers shall be sent to all members who shall complete and return them direct to the appointed returning Officer who shall open the envelopes in the presence of Two scrutineers and advise the result at the resumption of the adjourning Meeting.
If the Meeting at which the Postal Ballot was called for was completed, the returning Officer shall notify both President and the Secretary of the result. The Secretary shall advise all Members of the result within One Month of the date of the Meeting at which the Postal Ballot was passed.
Committee Meetings
The Committee shall meet as often as it shall deem necessary, but not less than four times a year.
A Meeting of the Committee may be summoned at any time by the President, or in his/her unavoidable absence the Vice President, or at the request of FIVEof the Committee. In the absence of the President or Vice President the Committee shall appoint a Chairman from their number. The Chairman shall have a casting vote in addition to deliberative vote.
The Committee shall have the power to appoint Sub-Committees for any special objects and delegate to such Sub-Committees the powers of the Committee relating thereto.
Accounts and Records
A Register containing the Names and Addresses of all Members shall be kept up to date by the Secretary and a copy of the same to be held by the Treasurer.
The Secretary shall keep proper Minutes of the Proceedings at all Meetings and Committee Meetings.The Committee shall cause true accounts to be kept by the Treasurer.
Of all Sums of money received and expended by the Club and matters in respect of which such receipt expenditure takes place.
Of all the Assets, Credits and Liabilities of any description affecting any of the property of the Club.The Books of the Club shall be open to Inspection by Members of the Club at such reasonable times as determined by the committee. 
All monies received shall be forthwith be paid into a Bank approved of by the Committee, after being entered in the books of the Club as being received. Payment of the monies shall be authorised by the Committee, or by and duly constituted meeting of the membership. The Committee shall not have the Power to overdraw the Bank Account of the Club. The Bank Trustees shall be the President, Vice President and the Tresurer any Two of whom may jointly operate the Bank Account.
Annual Report and Balance Sheet
At the Annual General Meeting the Committee shall lay before the Club a Report and an Audited Statement of the Income and Expenditure and an Audited Balance Sheet containing a summary of the property and liabilities of the Club, from the time the last Balance Sheet was made. The Audit is to be carried out by a registered Accountant or Auditor. A copy of the Annual Report and Balance Sheet shall be sent to every Member of the Club together with the notice conveying the Annual General Meeting.
The Committee shall have the Power to allocate Trophies and Cups for competition at Shows as Finance Permits. All Trophies and Cups held by Members must be returned to the Trophy Steward One Month before the next Show at which the Trophy or Cup is to be competed for. Failure to observe this Rule shall be at the discretion of the Committee render the Holder’s Name liable to be expunged from the records of the award concerned. Loss or damage to the Trophy shall render the holder financially liable.
Cessation Of Membership
A. Any Member of the Club may resign after payment of the Current Year’s subscription by giving notice in writing of their intention to the committee.
B. The Committee shall have the Power to Cancel Membership of a Member whose subscription has remained in arrears for longer than Three Months, provided:
i.                  At least Fourteen Days before the Meeting at which it is intended to cancel the Membership the Member shall be notified in writing of the amount of the subscription in arrears and the intention to cancel Membership.
ii.                  Provided due notice has been given as in (i) hereof, and after satisfying itself that the individual concerned does not hold any Club property, the Committee may by ordinary resolution cancel membership.
C. Any person who’s Membership has been forfeited under Clause (b) hereof may not subsequently be readmitted to Membership until all outstanding debts to the Club at the date of forfeiture of Membership, have been paid.
D. Any person ceasing to be a Member shall forthwith return either in person or by post, to the Trophy Steward, any Trophy, Cup or property they have in their procession, belonging to the Club.
The Committee shall have the Power to call upon any Member or Members for an explanation of any charge of misconduct brought against them by any Member or Members of the Club and a Committee Meeting may take action against any Members whose Membership shall be considered to have become undesirable or no longer conductive to the interests of the Club, provided:
At least a fortnight’s notice in writing shall be given by the Secretary to the Member or Member’s in question, stating the grounds upon which, and the date and place of the meeting at which the question of their expulsion is to be discussed.
Such persons may be present at such Committee Meetings and shall be allowed am advocate to speak upon the matter.
A decision to expel a Member in accordance with the foregoing shall be deemed to have been carried if three-fourths of those present vote in its favour.
A retired Member or person expelled under these Rules is not entitled recover any portion of the subscription or retain any Club property.
A Member expelled under this Rule shall have the right to appeal to the New Zealand Kennel Club.
Common Seal
The Secretary of the Club shall have Custody of the Common Seal of the Club and shall affix such Seal to Documents only on the direction of the Committee and in the presence of the President of the Club.
The Committee shall have the power to decide all questions of Management provided that such matters are not inconsistent with these Rules.
Alteration to the Rules
The Rules of the Club may be altered, added to, or rescinded at any Annual or Special General Meeting of the Club, of which at least seven days notice has been given to Members by post. The notice so given, shall contain a copy of, or state briefly the nature of, the motion to be moved at the General Meeting so called.
All proposed alterations to the Rules shall be by way of notice of the motion signed by the proposer and seconder and delivered to the Secretary and shall be dealt with at the next Annual General Meeting of the Club or a Special General Meeting called for the purpose of altering or amending such rules.
Winding Up
If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Club, there remains after satisfaction of all liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid or distributed among the Club Members, but shall be given or transferred according to New Zealand Kennel Club Rules. This will be by a bare majority of votes.
Investment of Funds
The Club may invest such monies as the Club may have from time to time, as seen fit by the Committee, by a majority vote.



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