The Boxer Club Inc. 

Club History

The Boxer Club Inc. Silver Jubilee 1955-1980

The first Boxer was registered with NZKC in 1950 and the first Boxer Champion gained her title in 1951.
By March 1955 Boxers had risen to 8th place with 86 registrations the previous year and the need for a Breed Club was apparent. 
In May the inagural meeting of The Boxer Club was held in the SPCA rooms in Auckland. 
21 people attended and a further 7 financial members sent apologies so the club began with 28 financial members. 
It is interesting to note that only 2 of these 28 members are still active in the dog game - Boxer Club Life Member Ernie Schache, the first President of the club and now the Senior All Breeds Judge in New Zealand, and Boxer Club Life Member Philip Eggleton, also a former President of the Club now living in Australia, and still a keen Breeder of Boxers over there. 
A perusal of the Club's minute books and other records confirms that like many other canine organisations The Boxer Club has had it's ups and downs over the years. 
Some of these high and low points are listed below in brief chronology of the Club's activities in it's first 25 years


May 25 Boxer Club formed and shortly after granted recognition NZKC and Incorporation by registra of Incorporated Societies. 
First President - Mr Ernie Shache
First Secretary - Mr Doug Benefield
First Patron - Mr E R Rhodes
July - 01st Boxer Bulletin produced - Editor - Mr D Benefield.
August - 01st Club Event - Ribbon Parade at AKC Grounds, Judge - Mr W Saunderson.
December - The Club had grown to 81 Financial Members


Mr Gordon Beeson elected Patron.
A Ribbon Parade was held in Wellington on 13th April, Judge - Mr F Patterson.
Discussions were held re forming a seperate Boxer Club in Wellington and although nothing transpired at the time, this eventually lead to the formation of The Wellington Boxer Club in 1960.


By now the Club had 194 Financial Members. 
Three hundred Boxers were registered that year which put Boxers in 5th place overall. 
Association with NZKC was granted this year.


The Club's first Open Show was held in conjunction with the Auckland Birthday Carnival in January, Judge - Mr Grogan. 
In June the first of many future Ribbon Parades was held in Hamilton. 
At the AGM Mr Schache resigned as President and was made the Club's first Life Member.


The Boxer Club was honoured to be granted the first ever Specialist Breed Club Championship Show in NZKC History. 
This was held on the same day as the Dachshund Club and the first Multi-Breed Club Championship Show, March 18 Mrs Connie Wilson-Wiley, Wardrobes Boxers, England was the Judge and there were 241 entries from 81 Boxers. 
Overseas membership was introduced this year. 
Best In Show was Mrs Garricks CH Summerdale Whipaway (Imp England)


A Special General Meeting was called to discuss a vote of no confidance in the President. 
After a considerable amount of discussion the resolution was withdrawn and the meeting closed. 
A few months later the President resigned.


As an outcome of complaints against the Club Management made by Club Members, Championship Show Status was withdrawn by NZKC, but then later reinstated. 
The Championship Show was then cancelled by the President.


The Championship Show (which had been held in the previous year) was again cancelled by the Club's President due to lack of entries, the result of an alledged boycott of the show. 
Shortly after this there was a considerable change in the Club's executive and the Club gradually recovered from the trauma of the last few years.


Mr & Mrs G Beeson were elected Life Members.


Mrs R Norris was elected the first lady President in the Club's history.


This could well be termed 'The Year of The Boxer', as between them 5 Boxers won Best In Show at 15 All Breed Championship Shows, plus a great many Reserve Best In Shows and other In Show Awards. 
In addition, Dog of The Year (NZKC) was awarded to Dr & Mrs Tourelle's CH Gremlin Hey Pronto (Imp England). 
Mr Philip Eggleton was elected a Life Member of The Boxer Club.

Silver Jubilee Year. 
The late Mr Arthur Westlake became the 9th overseas judge brought out by the Club when he judged the Club's 18th Championship Show.
The above article was published on a single page in The NZ Kennel Gazette in mid 1980.  It was surrounded by Advertisements for various Boxer Kennels and became the forerunner of what are now known as the Breed Supplements which are published each month as a central pull out in the Gazette. 
The article was submitted by the then President Mr Barry Catton in April 1980.

 A full list of the President's and Secretaries of the Club follows:





1955-1956 Mr E Schache 1955-1956 Mr D Benefield
1956-1957 Mr E Schache 1956-1957 Mr D Benefield
1957-1958 Mr E Schache 1957-1958 Mr D Benefield
Mr E Schache
Mr D Benefield
1958-1959 Mrs M Foster
1959-1960 Mr P Eggleton 1959-1960 Miss B Allan
1960-1961 Mr P Eggleton 1960-1961 Miss B Allan
1961-1962 Mr P Eggleton 1961-1962 Miss B Allan
1962-1963 Mr G Hendrikse 1962-1963 Mrs L Wilkinson
1963-1964 Mr H McAven 1963
Mrs S Parkinson
Mrs O Jones
1964-1965 Mr H McAven 1964-1965 Mrs C Matheson
1965-1966 Mr R Thompson 1965-1966 Mr D Matheson
1966-1967 Mr R Thompson 1966-1967 Mr D Matheson
1967-1968 Mr H Watts 1967-1968 Mr B Catton
1968-1969 Mr H Watts 1968-1969 Mr B Catton
1969-1970 Mr H Watts 1969-1970 Mr B Catton
1970-1971 Mr B Pritchard 1970-1971 Mrs M Cunningham
1971-1972 Mrs R Norris 1971-1972 Mrs M Cunningham
1972-1973 Mrs R Norris 1972-1973 Mrs M Cunningham
1973-1974 Mrs R Norris 1973-1974 Mrs J Giddens
1974-1975 Mrs R Norris 1974-1975 Mrs J Giddens
1975-1976 Mrs R Norris 1975-1976
Mrs J Giddens
Mrs C Hughes
1976-1977 Mr B Catton 1976-1977 Mrs J Catton
1977-1978 Mr B Catton 1977-1978 Mrs J Catton
1978-1979 Mr B Catton 1978-1979 Mrs J Catton
1979-1980 Mr B Catton 1979-1980 Mrs J Catton
1980-1981 Mr B Catton 1980-1981 Mrs J Catton
1981-1982 Mr B Catton 1981-1982 Mrs J Catton
1982-1983 Mr N Judge 1982-1983 Mrs J Catton
1983-1984 Mrs J Catton 1983-1985 Mr B Catton
1984-1985 Mrs J Catton 1983-1985 Mr B Catton
1985-1986 Mr D Ratu 1985-1986 Mrs C Matson
1986-1987 Mr D Ratu 1986-1987 Mrs C Parkes
1987-1988 Mrs C Hughes 1987-1988 Mrs C Parkes
1988-1989 Mrs C Parkes 1988-1989 Mrs C Condon
1989-1990 Mrs C Parkes 1989-1990 Mrs C Condon
1990-1991 Mr G Condon 1990-1991 Mrs C Condon
1991-1992 Mrs S Ingmire 1991-1992 Mrs C Parkes
1992-1993 Mr P Goodwill 1992-1993
Ms K Smith
Mr D Ratu 
(Interim appointment as acting Secretary)
1993-1994 Mr D Ratu 1993-1994 Mrs C Parkes
1994-1995 Mr D Ratu 1994-1995 Mrs C Parkes
1995-1996 Mr D Ratu 1995-1996 Mrs C Parkes
1996-1997 Mrs L Hathaway 1996-1997 Mr P Henry
1997-1998 Mrs L Hathaway 1997-1998 Mrs V Honeybun (Acting Secretary)
1998-1999 Mrs L Hathaway 1998-1999 Mrs C Parkes
1999-2000 Mr D Ratu 1999-2000 Mr P Goodwill
2000-2001   2000-2001  
2001-2002   2001-2002  
2002-2003   2002-2003  
2003-2004   2003-2004  
2004-2005 Mr R King 2004-2005 Karen Reid
2005-2006 Mr R King 2005-2006 Karen Reid
2006-2007 Mr R King 2006-2007 Mrs L King
2007-2008 Mr K Mihaka 2007-2008 Mrs L King
2008-2009 Mr R King 2008-2009 Mrs L King
2009-2010 Mr R King 2009-2010 Mrs L King
2010-2011 Mr R King 2010-2011 Mrs L King
2011-2012 Mr R King 2011-2012 Mrs L King
2012-2013 Mr P Goodwill
Mr K Mihaka
2012-2013 Mrs L King
2013-2014 Mr L Harrison 2013-2014 Mrs L King

We are still going through info once we have found this the President's and Secretaries list will be updated.

The below are the current Patrons, Vice Patrons and Life Members:


Mrs June Catton & Mr Barry Catton

Vice Patrons

Mr Paul Henry & Mr Paul Goodwill

Life Members

Mr Philip Eggleton

Mr Barry Catton 

Mrs June Catton

Mr Colin Bradley

Mrs C Hughes

Mrs Jan Giddens

Mrs Carol Parkes

 Mrs Alison Eagle

Mr Paul Goodwill


Contact Details
Club President
Auckland, NZ
Phone : +64274121285
Email : [email protected]

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